About Us

Gatekeeper is a security company providing solutions for Access Control, Perimeter Security and Personnel Security.

Access Control

Innovative access control Software & Hardware that deliver maximum protection and flexibility for installations of any size.


Gatekeeper’s comprehensive offering of security products delivers outstanding performance to meet your needs..


Gatekeepr follows their clients from the pre-sales and licensing to step-by-step training videos, product demos and support.

NetDX 2 Controller

GateKeeper's Access Control Controller .

GateKeeper’s cutting-edge Intelligent Network Controller provides several key competitive advantages over the competition, including:

GateKeeper Worldwide

worldwide Offices.

GateKeeper strengthens its present worldwide. Currently GateKeepers has branches in Europe, Africa, US and the Middle East

GateKeeper's Suite

GateKeeper Access Control Suite .

Our unique in-house software suite provides our worldwide clients a cutting-edge interface to the access control world  

GateKeeper R&D

Stay up to date.

GateKeeper’s in-house Software & Hardware is consistently updated to give an answer to our clients’ unique requirements.


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